Chloë Welcomes Mike and Heather Back from Vacation

As the nights turned cool and crisp (just the way a natural burrower like me prefers), I sensed the change in the air. Then Mike and Heather returned. My honeymoon was over.

Wiggling Chloë welcomes Heather back.

While they were away, I got away with murder. On one morning walk I found a soft, fabric ball, slightly smaller than a tennis ball, so it fit comfortably in my mouth. Mike would have said “yuck” and never would have let me keep it. But my sitter and new best friend Lynn did, and when I took it home she even volunteered to wash it for me. Now, that’s service. Lynn didn’t even seem to care if I sat on her bed or the living room furniture. So I did! She really knows how to overstuff a Kong, too. She can come back and take care of me any old time.

Chloë shows off her handiwork on the refrigerator.

I tried to be fairly well behaved while Lynn was here, but I had to show her some puppy behavior from time to time to keep her honest. Towards the end I was getting a little bored, too.  I actually started to miss those long walks in the park with Mike. So I acted out a few times: I rearranged the lower refrigerator-door photos, gnawed on the handle of my toy bin, even peed on the throw rug outside the bedroom. As if I didn’t know better! But why not? After all, I’m still a puppy, right? This kind of stuff is expected–and I knew I could get away with it.

Now everything is just about back to normal. Yes, my Kongs have less peanut butter and yogurt stuffed inside them. True,  I’ve been ushered off the furniture more than once. And I have to admit it, the force and volume of some of Heather’s sneezes sound like Mount St. Helens eruptions to my sensitive young ears. But the plusses of having them back far outweigh such minor inconveniences. After all, Mike’s around the house all day long, and anytime I whimper or bark he’ll come running to cater to my every whim. In late afternoon I can count on a long walk in the park followed by an impeccably prepared, balanced and nutritious meal (if only there were more of it, dammit!). What’s more, I’ve overheard that new tussles with my brothers Frank and Stanley and a hike with my old friend Tara are on the weekend agenda.

Yes, they’re b-a-a-a-ack, and I’m primed and ready for action.

One response to “Chloë Welcomes Mike and Heather Back from Vacation

  1. Hope you guys had a great time. looking forward to seeing you all

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