Chloë Gets a Vacation

Mike has really been falling behind on my blog editing. I have a lot more to that I want to report about our recently concluded getaway,  but before I had a chance to make my final revisions, Mike and Heather up and skipped town. It was kind of strange, really, because neither one of them gave me much of a goodbye when they scooted out the door. Like I didn’t understand what all the suitcases and computer bags mean? Give me a  little credit, please.

Chloe, enjoying her vacation from Mike and Heather.

Besides, why should I care that they left for a while? I’m here at home with my new best friend Lynn, and I’m getting better treatment than Mike ever doles out. Heather, of course, will be my BFF forever, no question. But even she deserves a break, right?

Anyway, it turns out that Lynn may become an even better ghostblogger for me than Mike has been . I’ve decided to bypass Mike entirely while he’s away, and I’m going to get Lynn help me out instead. When he comes back, I’ll consider my options.

Meanwhile, I think Lynn and I are both having fun. I like having a slightly different daily routine, and I’ve noticed that Lynn throws in the occasional deviation to challenge me. Well, I’m nothing but flexible, especially when it entails getting a treat.

It’s been hot in Seattle all week, and last night Lynn turned on the fancy tower fan in the bedroom. When I pretended to be a bit frightened of it, just as I figured, Lynn whisked me  up, put me up on the bed and let me cuddle with her and play with squeaky toys. Are you kidding me? I’ve been getting braided bully sticks, string cheese (my favorite treat of all time, which is past 6 months!) and even putting little pieces of fresh apples and pearsin with my meals.

Mike and Heather who?

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