Chloë Entertains at Her Getaway

Chloë plays on the grand staircase.

We’re back at our Cascades foothills getaway out near Fall City. Heather and Mike are once again house- and horse-sitting for the owner, Heather’s boss Cindy. They have pronounced me “100 percent recovered” from my recent operation, so I am able to resume full puppy activity–hiking, chasing stuff all over the lawn, scaling rocks, climbing over downed trees and generally playing like a maniac. Much of this behavior comes to the chagrin of  Tara, the resident 12-year-old Aussie and doyen  of the household here. I keep trying to get Tara to play, but she gives me a low growl every time. It’s not a threatening growl, however. At least, not in my opinion. I’ll just continue to wear her down.

Chloë and her Aunt Susie.

Then, an added bonus! When Mike gated me in the downstairs bathroom  with a peanut butter-filled Kong,  I expected it was going to be a  long day. But he returned in just a little over an hour, bringing with him two of my blog’s biggest  fans,  Susie Greenstein and Debby Gleason. They flew in all the way from Syracuse, N. Y., just to meet  ME. “I came 3,000 miles because I wanted to see Chloë when she was a puppy,” Susie said. “She is everything I thought she would be and more.”

I gotta say, I myself was left speechless.

Susie, not so much. Although she keeps calling me “Heidi,” she tells me is a good thing. Click here to see what she had to say when asked to elaborate about my good looks and charming demeanor.

Chloë and her Aunt Susie pause on the trail.

I plan to entertain Susie and Debby while they’re here with hiking, shopping, sightseeing and some gourmet meals. Heather’s sister Annabelle and her daughter Cassandra are also coming here for a few days. I’m expecting a lot of fawning over me and possibly some gifts. After all, Susie already gave Mike a tin container filled with her homemade chocolate chip squares. So far I haven’t gotten anything, but something tells that  increased treats and possible surprises will be coming my way in the near future.

7 responses to “Chloë Entertains at Her Getaway

  1. Caroline, Pinot & Ida

    If Aunt Susie was truly a great Aunt she might sneak Chloe a little pie! Pinot and Ida got french fries!

  2. Aunt Susie probably should have given her pie to Chloe, as is evidenced by how she looks in these pictures. She would also like to say that she did not authorize the video.

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