Chloë Makes a Wish

All the puppy books said this day was coming. When my vet, Dr. Aimee Kimmel, looked at me last week (see my previous post, “Chloë Goes Under the Knife“), she was surprised it hadn’t started already.

And then, suddenly, there it was. My mouth started to feel funny, like there was something stuck between my teeth and my cheek. I tried flapping my gums to get it dislodged, and when I finally got it, I spit it out on the rug in Mike’s office.

Chloë’s first puppy tooth drops out.

It was my first puppy tooth, gone, replaced by a real canine incisor that will be with me for the rest of my life. At least I hope so.

And speaking of hope (the audacity of hope?), Mike scooped up the tooth from the rug, and he  told me that if I put the tooth under my pillow and made a wish before I went to sleep that night, my wish would come true. I would know my wish was going to come true because that tooth was going to turn into money overnight.

Sharkie guards the tooth under Chloë’s pillow.

And so I tried it two nights ago. And you know what I got?  This:

Two bits.

I was crushed, and I wasn’t ashamed to let Mike and Heather know it. Mike (or should I just call him El Cheapo?) couldn’t fathom why I was so disappointed. “Come on, Cupcake, that’s all I got when one of my kiddie teeth fell out!” he claimed, lamely. Wake up, Mike! Your childhood came shortly after the close of World War II (the Big One). The world has changed since then. Haven’t you heard about inflation?

I made my feelings known and put my paws down.

The next night, I put that quarter under my pillow. And voila!

First deposit in Chloë’s education fund.

A crisp new Jackson replaced the quarter. Now, that’s more like it.  I’m going to need some cash in the bank when I move on to Puppy Junior High in the fall, majoring in Getting My Way and Master Management.

One response to “Chloë Makes a Wish

  1. Caroline, Pinot & Ida

    Let me know when Chloe gets her Social Security number so we can open her account!

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