Chloë Meets the Boys: It’s a Family Affair

Three puppies on a stick.

My third visit with my brothers Frank and Stanley went about like the first two: nonstop mayhem.

I have puppy play time at my puppy classes, but trust me: It’s nothing like this. Not only am I tired for two days afterwards, but black and blue. Those full-speed head butts and the chest-to-chest bumping does take something out of me. I haven’t heard the boys complaining, but, hey, they’ve got a little more padding than I have. Together, Frank and Stan outweigh me almost 30 pounds to 10, but those porkers can’t match my speed or stamina. And don’t forget: I can be a feisty little bitch.

Full-speed head butting.

So Mike tells me he tried out the movie button on his camera for the first time. I checked out his inaugural video before authorizing its distribution on the Internet; I had to make sure I was being shown from my good side. I let it go–not too bad for a first effort, but now I’d like to see him pay more attention to utilizing the full capabilities of the medium. Since Mike has recently read practically every dog-raising book in print, maybe now he can bone up on cinematography and develop my talents as a movie star. Then he can be a wizard, a true auteur. Meanwhile, click here to link to his maiden effort: a scant minute of the guys and I in action at an unspecified location in Magnolia (that must be kept secret lest Seattle Animal Control find out and put the secret spot under surveillance). Take this, Animal Control.

Flying tigers.

4 responses to “Chloë Meets the Boys: It’s a Family Affair

  1. Easily the most thrilling installment yet; I am exhausted, but panting for more.

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