Chloë Comes Clean


Brother Stanley tries to bite Chloë’s head off.

All new cars come with that new car smell. In fact, you can buy deodorizer things that hang from rear-view mirrors that smell like new car smell. (Those things are yucky, way too strong, if you ask me.)

Well, when I arrived in Seattle I had New Puppy Smell. At first blush, you’d think it would be pretty rank: an 8-week compendium of poop, saliva, urine, and uneaten bits of  kibble. Au contraire; new puppy smell is a pleasant, gentle scent, non unlike a human baby (after a bath, of course).

No rubber ducky, just a lousy SU cup.

Unfortunately, as Heather noted upon returning from her business meeting last week, New Puppy Smell doesn’t last forever. And I have yet to see it in any auto supply store.

Apparently my NPS ended sometime while Heather was away. (Mike, needless to say, failed to notice.)

Thus I had my first bath. I started out in an empty bathtub, and then she filled it gradually with warm water. Wasn’t bad, as long as it stayed low. Then this big plastic cup splashes in; for some reason, I am not allowed to chew it.  What fun is that?  And what’s with this sudsy stuff?

Low-suds doggie shampoo won’t hurt delicate eyes!

I started to squirm. Heather had to call in Mike for distraction–i.e.,  treats. Once again, I have played my cards just right.

Soon enough, it was over. And I had to admit, Heather was right: I did smell a hell of a lot better. Until my brothers Frank and Stanley and I got together again, that is. Wait ’til you see that one; I’m editing it now. Suffice it to say that another bath may be in the offing.

Chloë: “I liked my bath, Heath!”

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