Chloë Notes a Few Milestones in Her Young Life

Chloë reflects on her first few weeks in Seattle

There are some moments in a young girl’s life that she never forgets. A special Christmas. The touch of a snowflake on the tip of her nose. That first kiss.

But really, kissing is what mostly what puppies do all day (along with sleeping, of course). That first one has to be a good 2 MILLION kisses ago. So to me it’s no big deal, especially compared to these more unique moments to remember:

  • The first time I got to lick clean the plates with maple syrup left over from Mike’s and Heather’s Sunday morning New Hope Mills pancakes. “It’s our tradition,” Heather explained. I won’t argue.
  • The first time I got to sniff another dog’s butt (Esther, a Boston terrier on Magnolia Boulevard, who didn’t take it real well). I liked her buddy Gertrude much better; Gertie, a longhair dachshund, acted like a real lady, like me.

    Treats, please.

  • The first time I saw (and heard) the Skippy Ice Cream truck troll our neighborhood. For some reason, Mike didn’t make him stop. Maybe it’s that endless Scott Joplin song that it plays. I’m sure it was only an innocent oversight on Mike’s part.
  • The first time I got a biscuit from my favorite mailman, Walt Greene. I can feel a deep relationship building here (whole pieces, please).
  • And a real stunner: On our favorite TV show 24, President Allison Taylor has promoted my namesake, Chloë O’Brian, to head of the Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU). Gotta admit I didn’t see this coming, but I’m glad to see Chloë showed her normal puss face to the President. Chloë has grown so much and really blossomed in this show–and I am sure to follow, once I get a little more training under my collar (training of Mike and Heather, that is).

Chloë in Her Peanut Bed

Surely I have many more milestones to come. I merely wanted to note these briefly, before the inevitable “more important things” come along.

2 responses to “Chloë Notes a Few Milestones in Her Young Life

  1. Chloe, you’re starting to look like the Babe. That’s a good thing.

  2. Chloe, I hate to have to say this but you have a slightly ‘mature?’ look in that last photo. Maybe it’s inevitable, what with the life milestones and all, but it won’t serve you well. Try to hold onto the innocent puppy look as long as you can. That’s my advice anyway.

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