Chloë Has a Getaway

It’s been quite a couple of weeks, I must admit: very tiring, very stressful. Leaving the nest, of course. That’s always a biggie–and that was only the beginning. Then there are all these new things to get used to. Plus, unlike my mom Banshee, these guys NEVER feed me enough! Especially that tightwad Mike.

Chloë plays with chucker on the lawn.

So with all the stress I’ve been under, I was really glad to go on a weekend retreat to my favorite resort in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains near Fall City. This place has it all: mountain views, a pool and outdoor grill area, a huge HD TV, fully stocked bar and kitchen, plus horseback riding and hiking trails right off  the patio. All that stuff, of course, is mostly for Mike and Heather. For me, the best part was rolling around on the endless expanse of velvety green lawn. Plush. I also got to meet three horses, two humungous cats, and Tara, who got a bit snippy with me when I got in her way (that’s OK, I took her ball home with me to get even).

Chloe follows Heather across the lawn.

Chloë, Queen of the Wild Cascades.

So we made a few trips to the barn and hiked a little in the state forest (even though I don’t have all my shots yet and I’m not supposed to–shhhhhh!). Like everything else I’ve been exposed to so far, at first it felt a little scrary and I did some whining, but then if I stuck with it, it turned out to be fun. I think life’s going to be like that a lot.

Hope you enjoy these other snapshots of my most wonderful vacation yet. Sadly, on Sunday afternoon it was back to that old routine. There better be some new toys back there at the homestead, or else I could turn into one petulant puppy.

Tara, Heather and Chloë chill out after playing.

Heather, Chloë and Correy saddle up.

Chloë parties hearty on her getaway.

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