Chloë’s Anatomy

Seattle Grace Hospital

The TV hospital show Grey’s Anatomy  is set at fictitious Seattle Grace Hospital, but they hardly ever do any filming here in “My Hometown” (of course I’m a Springsteen fan; you expect otherwise?). In fact, the building the helicopter lands on is actually the home of Seattle’s ABC affiliate, just across from the Space Needle.

No such fakery at the Elliott Bay Animal Hospital. This place is for real, and I pleasantly surprised Mike and Heather with how well I did there. Why not? Everybody was fawning all over me, which was very flattering. And I really, really liked my vet, Dr. Aimee Kimmel. She also takes care of Pinot, another dachshund living in my neighborhood whom I will soon be meeting (or so I have been told). I was happy to see Dr. Kimmel was using probes from Welch-Allyn in Skaneateles Falls, because Mike wrote some copy for them once upon a time. Even though Dr. Kimmel stuck something into pretty much every hole in my body, I didn’t react at all. I even laid down and relaxed for a while.

Dr. Aimee Kimmel examines Chloë.

Dr. Aimee Kimmel examines Chloë.

When it was all over, they told me I weighed 5.8 pounds (wow! I thought I was closer to 4 pounds; already I have to go on a diet.) and advised me to get “ear toupees” for my bald ears (FYI, they are NOT bald, just light tan).

I don’t want to brag too much, but look what Dr. Kimmel wrote under General Appearance: “Very Adorable Girl.” On the back of the form she added: “Chloë looks great! She has lovely teeth, great knees, normal eyes, and her skin looks fantastic.” What more could a girl ask for?

And yet, there’s more. A day later, I found out that I had my very own Pet Portal on the EBAH Web site. Don’t think I’m giving out the password, though–I may be vain, but I ain’t stupid.

Chloë’s first vet visit: 5.8 pounds of pure muscle.

The very next day, I got my first Pet Portal message, too: Later the same day that I came in for my hospital visit, who shows up for a first checkup than two of my long-lost (well, a week) brothers. Turns out they have moved into the Queen Anne neighborhood, which is  just the other side of the hospital from where we live in Magnolia. I plan to call and get together with those guys soon. We can compare notes, although it’s hard to imagine they’re having better luck than I am.

3 responses to “Chloë’s Anatomy

  1. OMG…such a cutie! I can’t wait to meet Miss Chloe. Enjoy your new “baby”.

  2. Tiffany McGehee

    Hi Chloe! We heard you had a blog so we went looking for it, and found you! Gosh – it’s been too long… We really should get together soon – I wonder if we’ll all remember each other!
    Let us know when you want to play sometime!
    Frank and Stanley (your brothers in Queen Anne)

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