Chloë Greets the World

First off, don’t sweat it if you don’t know how to make an umlaut on your computer.  I’m a dog of the common person.

Chloë, 7 weeks old

When you write my name, the umlaut is optional. If you even know what an umlaut is.

About the name. No, I’m not named after some Germanic femme fatale, but after Chloe O’Brian, Mike’s and Heather’s favorite character on 24 (just before it was cancelled, too!).  Hopefully, I won’t get her infamous pussface, just her name.  Come on–is this a pussface?  Besides, you should have heard some of the other suggestions. Umlaut? That’s not a good dog name. Huggs? Pittsnogle? Where’s all this West Virginia stuff coming from? (By the way, my NCAA baksetball bracket tied Mike’s and beat Heather’s, and I didn’t even get to see any games before I picked; just wait ’til next year!)

So call me Chloë. I was born on Feb.5, 2010, in Monroe, Wash. My mom, Banshee, lives there.  There were four brothers and three sisters still there when I left, but they won’t be there for long.  All the boys are already spoken for, and the breeder (who is a vet in Kirkland, Wash.) is active in Earthdog, where dachshunds and other small breeds go through modern field trials.  She’s bringing the rest of my sisters to the next meet, and she’s trying to talk Mike and Heather into bringing me along to see what it’s like.  That’s OK, as long as I get to go home with them. I’ve only been here since Sunday, but I can already tell I’m going to like it fine, once we work out some of the kinks.

Chloë (center) and two sisters, 4 weeks old.

In fact , I’ve heard Mike and Heather say several times that things are going OK (I even heard Heather tell Mike that I’m smart!).  True, there have  been a few “accidents” (it’s always their fault, though), and a little whining here and there.  Even at 2, 2:30 in the morning.  But really, nobody can expect a saint from Day One. Right?

Home Sweet Home, 8 weeks old.

That’s about it for now.  I’m already getting tired, and this crate thing, which seemed so awful at first, is starting to feel kind of comfy to me.  Who says writing’s not hard work? But there are perks, of course. Mike told me if this gig works out, I could be bigger than that E-Trade baby.

Here are a few more shots of my first week in the big city. Stay tuned right here for more.

Mikey and Chloë at 7 Weeks

Chloë bonds with Heather.

17 responses to “Chloë Greets the World

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! She is just beautiful, and I can see Mike around her mouth and snout. I love the picture of Heather and Chloe (no umlaut, I’m just a simple country gal). How fun, I think you should reconsider her meeting everyone here this summer. Enjoy, looking forward to see you 3!
    Hugs and kisses

  2. Great story. Can i be the aunt?

  3. Congratulations to the proud Ma & Pa!

    Mikey I see strong family resemblance, take your turn at night and let Heather get her rest!

  4. Welcome Chloe’ (damn, our paws can’t work the umlout thing) – to a dog’s life. Milk it all you can; we’ve got these Alaskan dweebs wrapped around our dew claws. Max still gets up at 2:30 lots of nights and nudges the bed; it’s good to get out and sniff the air, but you have to remember to tinkle a little so they don’t think it’s just curiosity.
    Work hard on developing “sad eyes”; they’ll think you ned a biscuuit, better food or extra attention.

    Come visit us and we’ll show you lots of tricks – we know how to schmooz!


  5. Mary Beth Miller

    I love her already. Can’t wait to meet her!


  6. M, H, & ë ~

    Good News! I think Rudy is glad, too. Just wanted you to know I mastered the umlaut back in ninth grade in German I. Chloë ist eine hund, danke.

    Butler, who would have thought!?

    B. Orange

  7. Congratulations! She’s adorable. Have my parents told you that I started fostering dogs? Maybe Chloe can come play sometime.


  8. David and Linda Rezak

    Chloe, you are one lucky puppie!

  9. Hi Chloe –

    I’ve been working over my owner for the last nine years and have I got a few things to teach you! A crate?? I prefer a down comforter and pillows next to my mommy. I agree with you about the accidents, it is their fault. Come see me sometime and I can teach you a few of my “tricks”. I might even share a few treats!

  10. Careful, the only other dauchs I knew liked to eat socks. You’ll be both sockless before long!

  11. Susan Greenstein

    When are you coming to Syracuse?

  12. Welcome to your new home, beautiful little Chloe!!! I know you will have a fabulous life with two serfs attuned to your every whim, so enjoy yourself and take full advantage of your good fortune. (Note to Serfs: Better not mention Princess Heidi to Chloe, her confidence seems to be building nicely, but she might be intimdated or catch on to the possibility of benefits she might not otherwise imagine.)

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